Saturday, 23 February 2008

Silly Saturday

Well a friend is getting married but to keep costs down wants to make her own invites however is picking my brains She has never made a card before let alone 50 invites so i am trying to keep ideas simple The stipulation is blue and gold - difficult in itself cos thats a warm and a cold colour so should it be on a white or a cream card Anyhow i have played around with these colours but used my own image as they want to put their photograph on but thats not ready yet so heres my interpretation for them to play around with


Jo said...

Beautiful card Jan
You should add a gallery of your work to show peeps just how great your cards are ;)

BTW...You have been given an award ;)
please see my blog to collect it

Jane said...

Beautiful Cards Jan!!!!

Thanks for the swap, buttons would be lovely if you have any spare please. I will contact you on Auntys forum too!

carolann said...

lovely card Jan